Output Styles Download

Output styles control how citations are formatted in your Microsoft Word document via the Endnote or Reference Manager applications. When installed on your computer and selected within Endnote or Reference Manager, the following output styles will correctly format references in accordance with our guidelines.

Click the links below to download the desired Output Style file (click 'Save' in the dialogue box that opens), then copy the downloaded file to the Endnote or References Manager ‘Styles’ folder.

The location of the Styles folder may vary. To locate the folder, consult the Endnote or Reference Manager Help file (in the application toolbar) and enter the search terms ‘installing additional output styles’ for Endote, or ‘locating the styles folder’ for Reference Manager.

NOTE: a List of Medical Journal Titles and Abbreviations must also be installed for journal titles to be abbreviated correctly.

Output Styles For EndNote (PC & MAC)

NOTE Please follow the specific interaction for Endnote References:

1) Make sure that you have updated the Journal List before making any changes to your references. Please note that this option is only available to users of the EndNote desktop software. In order to update the list go to: Endnote, Tools-> Open Terms List-> Journal Terms Lists-> Lists tab and press the Import List button, please choose the correct file from the program directory and then press the choose button.

Below please find three examples of references in the correct format:

Yasen M, Obulhasim G, Kajino K, et al: DNA binding protein a expression and methylation status in hepatocellular. Int J Oncol 40: 789-797, 2012.

Gabrielsson BG, Wikstrom J, Jakubowicz R, et al: Dietary herring improves plasma lipid profiles and reduces atherosclerosis. Int J Mol Med 29: 331-337, 2012.

Yu JB, Gross CP, Wilson LD and Smith BD: NCI SEER public-use data: applications and limitations in oncology research. Oncology 23: 288-295, 2009.

Output Styles For Reference Manager (PC)

Clarivate does not sell nor support Reference Manager. Thomson Reuters had stopped selling the product before Clarivate was formed, and product support by Clarivate ended in 2016.