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Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future (Review)

Janmejai K. Srivastava, Eswar Shankar, Sanjay Gupta

Pages: 895-901 Published online on: 27 September 2010

Ivermectin as an inhibitor of cancer stem‑like cells

Guadalupe Dominguez‑Gomez, Alma Chavez‑Blanco, Jose Luis Medina‑Franco, Fernanda Saldivar‑Gonzalez, Ytzel Flores‑Torrontegui, Mandy Juarez, José Díaz‑Chávez, Aurora Gonzalez‑Fierro, Alfonso Dueñas‑González

Pages: 3397-3403 Published online on: 08 December 2017

A3 adenosine receptor agonist, CF102, protects against hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury following partial hepatectomy

Gil Ohana, Shira Cohen, Lea Rath‑Wolfson, Pnina Fishman

Pages: 4335-4341 Published online on: 19 September 2016
Article Open Access

Proteomic profiling of human HepG2 cells treated with hesperidin using antibody array

Silvia Yumnam, Venu Venkatarame Gowda Saralamma, Suchismita Raha, Ho Jeong Lee, Won Sup Lee, Eun Kim Kim, Sang Joon Lee, Jeong Doo Heo, Gon Sup Kim

Pages: 5386-5392 Published online on: 11 August 2017

Ki67 is a promising molecular target in the diagnosis of cancer (Review)

Lian Tao Li, Guan Jiang, Qian Chen, Jun Nian Zheng

Pages: 1566-1572 Published online on: 10 November 2014
Article Open Access

Vitamin D alleviates lipopolysaccharide‑induced acute lung injury via regulation of the renin‑angiotensin system

Jun Xu, Jialai Yang, Jian Chen, Qingli Luo, Qiu Zhang, Hong Zhang

Pages: 7432-7438 Published online on: 20 September 2017
Article Open Access

Accumulation of advanced glycation end products potentiate human retinal capillary endothelial cells mediated diabetic retinopathy

Dan Tao, Ninghua Ni, Tiesong Zhang, Chao Li, Qing Sun, Ling Wang, Yan Mei

Pages: 3719-3727 Published online on: 20 August 2019

Purple sweet potato color attenuates high fat-induced neuroinflammation in mouse brain by inhibiting MAPK and NF-κB activation

Jian Li, Zhao Shi, Yongjie Mi

Pages: 4823-4831 Published online on: 17 January 2018
Article Open Access

Potential effect of smoking on semen quality through DNA damage and the downregulation of Chk1 in sperm

Xiangrong Cui, Xuan Jing, Xueqing Wu, Zhenqiang Wang, Qiang Li

Pages: 753-761 Published online on: 20 May 2016
Article Open Access

Resveratrol affects the expression of uric acid transporter by improving inflammation

Xuemei Zhang, Qian Nie, Zhimei Zhang, Jing Zhao, Fengxiao Zhang, Chao Wang, Xing Wang, Guangyao Song

Article Number: 564 Published online on: 07 June 2021
Article Open Access

Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and anti-aging perspectives

Dimitris Tsoukalas, Persefoni Fragkiadaki, Anca Oana Docea, Athanasios K. Alegakis, Evangelia Sarandi, Maria Thanasoula, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Mayya Petrovna Razgonova, Daniela Calina

Pages: 3701-3708 Published online on: 23 August 2019
Review Open Access

Obesity ‑ a risk factor for increased COVID‑19 prevalence, severity and lethality (Review)

Demetrios Petrakis, Denisa Margină, Konstantinos Tsarouhas, Fotios Tekos, Miriana Stan, Dragana Nikitovic, Demetrios Kouretas, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 9-19 Published online on: 05 May 2020
Review Open Access

Molecular insights into the benefits of nicotine on memory and cognition (Review)

Ahmad Alhowail

Article Number: 398 Published online on: 25 March 2021

BCG stimulation promotes dendritic cell proliferation and expression of VDR and CYP27B1 in vitamin D‑deficient mice

Huifeng Yang, Haocong Zhang, Yu Li, Liangbi Xiang, Jun Liu

Pages: 5265-5271 Published online on: 30 October 2019
Article Open Access

Solanum nigrum Linne improves DNCB‑induced atopic dermatitis‑like skin disease in BALB/c mice

Sooyeon Hong, Bina Lee, Jae‑Hyun Kim, Eun‑Young Kim, Minsun Kim, Boguen Kwon, Hye‑Rin Cho, Youngjoo Sohn, Hyuk‑Sang Jung

Pages: 2878-2886 Published online on: 28 July 2020

Adenovirus type 3 induces platelet activation in vitro

Ying-Yu Jin, Xiu-Nan Yu, Zhang-Yi Qu, Ai-Ai Zhang, Yu‑Ling  Xing, Li-Xin Jiang, Lei Shang, Ying-Chen Wang

Pages: 370-374 Published online on: 15 November 2013

Evaluation of the effect of glucosamine administration on biomarkers of cartilage and bone metabolism in bicycle racers

Rei Momomura, Kiyohito Naito, Mamoru Igarashi, Taiji Watari, Atsuhiko Terakado, Shinji Oike, Koji Sakamoto, Isao Nagaoka, Kazuo Kaneko

Pages: 742-746 Published online on: 25 January 2013
Article Open Access

Caffeine induces sustained apoptosis of human gastric cancer cells by activating the caspase‑9/caspase‑3 signalling pathway

Hanyang Liu, Yan Zhou, Liming Tang

Pages: 2445-2454 Published online on: 30 June 2017
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Volume 28 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1791-2997
Online ISSN: 1791-3004

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