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Review Open Access

Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspectives for COVID‑19 (Review)

Anatoly V. Skalny, Lothar Rink, Olga P. Ajsuvakova, Michael Aschner, Viktor A. Gritsenko, Svetlana I. Alekseenko, Andrey A. Svistunov, Demetrios Petrakis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Jan Aaseth, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Alexey A. Tinkov

Pages: 17-26 Published online on: 14 April 2020
Comment Open Access

[Comment] COVID‑19 vaccine safety

Ronald N. Kostoff, Michael B. Briggs, Alan L. Porter, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 1599-1602 Published online on: 18 September 2020
Review Open Access

Dietary fiber in irritable bowel syndrome (Review)

Magdy El-Salhy, Synne Otterasen Ystad, Tarek Mazzawi, Doris Gundersen

Pages: 607-613 Published online on: 19 July 2017

IL‑18 knockout alleviates atopic dermatitis‑like skin lesions induced by MC903 in a mouse model

Jia‑Long Chen, Xue‑Li Niu, Ya‑Li Gao, Lei Ma, Xing‑Hua Gao, Hong‑Duo Chen, Rui‑Qun Qi

Pages: 880-888 Published online on: 04 June 2020

Kaempferol inhibits IL‑1β‑induced proliferation of rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts and the production of COX‑2, PGE2 and MMPs

Ha‑Yong Yoon, Eun‑Gyeong Lee, Hyun Lee, In Jin Cho, Yun Jung Choi, Myung‑Soon Sung, Han‑Gyul Yoo, Wan‑Hee Yoo

Pages: 971-977 Published online on: 09 August 2013
Editorial Open Access

[Editorial] COVID‑19: Post‑lockdown guidelines

Ronald N. Kostoff, Michael B. Briggs, Alan L. Porter, Michael Aschner, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 463-466 Published online on: 12 June 2020
Review Open Access

Towards effective COVID‑19 vaccines: Updates, perspectives and challenges (Review)

Daniela Calina, Anca Oana Docea, Demetrios Petrakis, Alex M. Egorov, Aydar A. Ishmukhametov, Alexsandr G. Gabibov, Michael I. Shtilman, Ronald Kostoff, Félix Carvalho, Marco Vinceti, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis

Pages: 3-16 Published online on: 06 May 2020
Review Open Access

A new threat from an old enemy: Re‑emergence of coronavirus (Review)

Anca Oana Docea, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Dana Albulescu, Oana Cristea, Ovidiu Zlatian, Marco Vinceti, Sterghios A. Moschos, Dimitris Tsoukalas, Marina Goumenou, Nikolaos Drakoulis, Josef M. Dumanov, Victor A. Tutelyan, Gennadii G. Onischenko, Michael Aschner, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Daniela Calina

Pages: 1631-1643 Published online on: 27 March 2020
Article Open Access

Droplet digital PCR for the detection and monitoring of Legionella pneumophila

Luca Falzone, Giuseppe Gattuso, Cinzia Lombardo, Gabriella Lupo, Caterina Maria Grillo, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Massimo Libra, Mario Salmeri

Pages: 1777-1782 Published online on: 14 September 2020

Millimeter wave treatment promotes chondrocyte proliferation via G1/S cell cycle transition

Xihai Li, Hongzhi Ye, Fangrong Yu, Liangliang Cai, Huiting Li, Jiashou Chen, Mingxia Wu, Wenlie Chen, Ruhui Lin, Zuanfang Li, Chunsong Zheng, Huifeng Xu, Guangwen Wu, Xianxiang Liu

Pages: 823-831 Published online on: 16 February 2012

Hematological findings in SARS patients and possible mechanisms (Review)

Mo Yang, Chi Kong Li, Karen Li, K. L.E. Hon, M. H.L. Ng, Paul K.S. Chan, Tai Fai Fok

Pages: 311-315 Published online on: 01 August 2004

Oral administration of Enterococcus faecalis FK-23 suppresses Th17 cell development and attenuates allergic airway responses in mice

Bei Zhang, Jun An, Takashi Shimada, Shuang Liu, Kazutaka Maeyama

Pages: 248-254 Published online on: 24 May 2012

Experimental study of millimeter wave-induced differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes

Guang-Wen Wu, Xian-Xiang Liu, Ming-Xia Wu, Jin-Yan Zhao, Wen-Lie Chen, Ru-Hui Lin, Jiu-Mao Lin

Pages: 461-467 Published online on: 01 April 2009

Millimeter wave treatment inhibits NO-induced apoptosis of chondrocytes through the p38MAPK pathway

Xihai Li, Min Du, Xianxiang Liu, Mingxia Wu, Hongzhi Ye, Jiumao Lin, Wenlie Chen, Guangwen Wu

Pages: 393-399 Published online on: 01 March 2010
Review Open Access

Nosocomial infection of COVID‑19: A new challenge for healthcare professionals (Review)

Qiu Du, Dingding Zhang, Weimin Hu, Xuefei Li, Qiongrong Xia, Taishen Wen, Haiping Jia

Article Number: 31 Published online on: 01 February 2021

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits TF and TNF-α expression induced by the anti-β2GPI/β2GPI complex in human THP-1 cells

Ting Wang, Hong Zhou, Hongxiang Xie, Yuan Mu, Ya Xu, Jingjing Liu, Xiaolei Zhang

Pages: 994-1002 Published online on: 27 January 2014

Niacin protects against UVB radiation-induced apoptosis in cultured human skin keratinocytes

Fuquan Lin, Wen Xu, Cuiping Guan, Miaoni Zhou, Weisong Hong, Lifang Fu, Dongyin Liu, Aie Xu

Pages: 593-600 Published online on: 12 January 2012
Review Open Access

Unraveling the roles of vitamin D status and melanin during Covid‑19 (Review)

Polytimi Sidiropoulou, Anca Oana Docea, Vasiliki Nikolaou, Martha-Spyridoula Katsarou, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Daniela Calina, Nikolaos Drakoulis

Pages: 92-100 Published online on: 30 November 2020
Review Open Access

Potential immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D in the prevention of severe coronavirus disease 2019: An ally for Latin America (Review)

Francisco Javier Turrubiates‑Hernández, Gabriela Athziri Sánchez‑Zuno, Guillermo González‑Estevez, Jorge Hernández‑Bello, Gabriela Macedo‑Ojeda, José Francisco Muñoz‑Valle

Article Number: 32 Published online on: 01 February 2021
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Volume 48 Issue 6

Print ISSN: 1107-3756
Online ISSN: 1791-244X

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